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12-13-17. Well that time of year is here that we have all been waiting for.... 1/2 ton trucks and single axel houses are good to go
starting tomorrow Thursday. We have some of our sleeper houses still available for this weekend Friday and Saturday. Please call to
book one now as the bite is very strong. As for the ice conditions we are at 12 to 15 inches of ice In the areas we are allowing the
traffic, but we are still asking you to use caution and be careful. The trucks will be limited to west to the rockpile and North to 14
feet of water, this depth seems to be very key right now to get on the hot bite. Make sure to stop in the bar to get a map and talk
with one of us about accessing the lake, we look forward to seeing everyone good luck and be safe. Jr and Staff

12-9-17 Just about all the open spots are finally froze over. We have plenty of good ice to fish in our area just about 1.5 miles north
and 2 miles west to the rockpile is all good with 11 to 13 inches. The fishing is great right now with many limits coming in daily. We
will be allowing 8x16 wheel houses out starting tomorrow pulled by ATVs or side by sides. Vehicles will not be far behind.

Don't forget about our great week day fish house specials for rent. Jr and Staff

12-8-17. Fishing remains good and the ice continues to improve. We currently have 11 to 13 inches of ice in most places, we have our
roads staked north 1 mile and west to the rock pile 2 miles. Now there is still a couple open water spots as you can see in the
pictures on our Facebook, these are north west of rockpile and then towards center bar. So we have a bunch of good ice and a big area
of safe fishing, stop in the bar to talk to someone and get a map. Still allowing atv side by sides snowmobiles and portables and then
camping in the back. 

Rental Update: Our 8x18 4 person sleepers are on the lake for the year call to book your weekend now or ask about our great week day
specials as ice fishing season is here to stay.  Jr and Staff 

12-6-17 We got out and checked the lake after the wind cleared today and everything looks great... With this being said the rental
houses will continue to get pulled on the lake for the weekend and should be in some great fishing areas. Give us a call to get one
booked. As for the ice conditions most of the lake has blown clean of snow, and we are sitting at about 11 inches of ice in most
places, some of the darker spots as you can see in the picture below were the open water areas. Those are at 3 to 5 inches but with
these temps it should improve and make more ice very quick. Keep in mind there is only a few of these spots in our area and we will
have them marked on our map for the weekend. The resort bar and grill will be open for regular hours starting tomorrow morning, we have
plenty of camping on shore for you to bring your own houses up, and we will be allowing portables, atv side by side or snowmobile
traffic, we look forward to getting everything rolling again and seeing all of you.  Jr and Staff.

12-5-17  Well hello everyone, thank you for being patient with us and giving the lake the proper time it needed to improve the ice
conditions, and making it more safe for all of us. We will be opening Thursday morning as long as this wind today does not do a bunch
of damage to our lake. We received 3 to 4 inches of snow the other day and today winds are as high as 35mph leaving us with zero
visibility. So after checking the ice tomorrow morning and making sure all is good and safe for everyone we will be allowing atvs side
by sides  along with snowmobiles and portables for the weekend. Stay tuned as with these cool temps the conditions should be changing
for the better and we will be allowing more and more as we gain ice daily now, currently we are at 8 to 10 inches of ice in most places
out front. We have plenty of on shore camping in the back for everyone to bring your own house and camp in no need for reservations. 

For our rental houses this weekend we will have our 8x18 4 person sleepers on the lake and in 10 to 12 feet of water so call now to get
yours saved as we still have some left. Jr and Staff

11-30-17 After a morning full of flying and checking ice conditions we have decided to close our access for the weekend... We feel this
is the safest and best decision for our valued customers as many of you will agree.
In our opinion with the current events that have happened along with warm temperatures, and this open water we don't advise anybody to
be fishing this side of the lake as we are putting safety first, all these pictures on our facebook page are current from this morning.
This is our final decision and we ask to not be overwhelmed with phone calls, we are hoping with this decision it will ensure a fun and
safe rest of the season as soon as next week. There is cool temps coming within a few days so let's keep our fingers crossed for a
return to our fishing season. We will keep everyone updated as things continue to change.  Jr and Staff 

11-27-17 We made it through the first weekend and for the most part everything went very good. The fishing stayed pretty good even with
all the activity on the lake, lots of limits did come in but yet some not so lucky. Advice for the week would be... Stop in at the
resort to know where you can and cannot go and then find a place to set up in that area where no holes have been drilled so you know
there hasn't been a bunch of people fishing right there already, those are the ones having the best luck. Jigging verse dead stick is
about 50 50 right now, with the magic depth being 12 to 14 feet with small hooks. We are still at 7 to 10 inches of ice, and are gonna
have most of our houses on shore this weekend for rent so if you want to come up with a wheeler and portable give us a call as we have
your place to stay. 320 290 3838. Jr and Staff 

11-23-17  There is still some open water in areas make sure you stop in the bar to get a map and directions. Fishing today was a little
slower with about 70% of people getting there limits, I would definitely be jigging with red right now in about 10 to 12ft of water. We
will only be allowing portables and ATV side by side or snowmobile this weekend. 
Also just to clarify our camping in the back lot is included with the access fee it is $10 daily per wheeler, this includes camping in
your own house in the back lot. We look forward to seeing everyone this weekend. Jr and Staff

11-22-17  We got a dusting of snow this afternoon for a little banking snow but not a lot. As you can see in the pictures from this
morning there is still open water towards center bar along with west of the resort and east of our resort. This all starts after 1 1/2
miles out and after 1 mile west so out front we still have good safe fishing. We are highly recommending no matter where you access the
lake to stop in that resort and talk with them about the areas to prevent, as we want everyone to have a fun and safe weekend of
fishing as we all start to come and visit our beautiful Upper Red Lake. 
We look forward to seeing everyone and Happy Thanksgiving Jr and Staff

11-21-17. We are allowing ATVs, snowmobiles, and side by sides this weekend! After our strong winds and cooler nights things are
starting to look really good out front and to the west. The wind has shifted the ice nicely together and sealed it up. There are some
spots to the west and to the north that are still open. Up to a mile, mile and half both north and west are looking pretty good! We are
planning on staking a trail to follow with ATVs to both the north and west for this weekend! 7-8 inches of ice most places! We are
still seeing many limits coming in daily! As conditions change, we will keep you updated on here and on the website! Please use our
website and Facebook for information about the lake, as our phone is very busy! 

Our back lot has plenty of camping spots available! No need to reserve a spot! $25 a day, includes the access fee!  Jr and Staff

11-19-17 Wow the bite is hot... Tons of limits and nice fish, the best bite is in 9 to 11 feet of water with dead sticks a little
better but jigging working too. The ice out in front of the resort is in good shape with most areas 6 inches of ice, there is some ice
shifting to the east and north along with 1/2 mile west to the reservation has some open water and cracks. We are recommending nobody
heads to Fish that area, if you are planning to come up and Fish after dark there is also a night bite right now too just make sure
everyone stops in the bar to get some info. 
We still have a couple houses for rent this weekend if the ice allows us too we will have them on the lake otherwise they will be along
the shore at discounted rate of $35 per person with a $100 minimum including access. You won't want to miss out on this bite so call
now to book, we look forward to seeing everyone. 

320 290 3838

11-16-17. Our ice conditions continued to improve, the south wind didn't effect it. We have 6-7 inches of ice in most places out front.
As of Friday morning we are going to allow foot traffic! Earlier in the week when the ice shifted back it left some small pockets of
thin ice and open water. We feel for the safety of everybody we are not allowing any ATVs or snowmobiles out yet. Be sure to stop in
the lodge for a current map and conditions. The access, bait, and tackle will be open at 7am. The kitchen will be open at noon!
Shoreline fish house lodging available call for details, we also have plenty of room in our back lot for fish house camping.  Jr and

11-15-17. Sorry for the delay! We weren't sure what the crack was going to do. With the north wind the crack has closed completely
there's approximately 6-7 inches most places! If conditions stay the same or improve, let's keep our fingers crossed it does. We are
planning to allow foot traffic and ATVs by the weekend! We aren't making any final decisions until tomorrow (11-16) afternoon, so stay
tuned for another update! Jr and staff

11-10-17  The fun early season stuff has started, the ice is starting to shift therefore a crack has opened from the reservation line
to east of our resort. For everyone's safety we are gonna hold off with foot traffic until the ice seems to stop shifting. Things do
change quickly around here so stay tuned as we will let everyone know when we think it is safe to access the lake again. Jr and Staff

11-9-17  Ice Fishing Season is here... We will be opening Friday(Nov 10th) morning for walk on traffic only, we checked ice all over
today and found around 4 inches everywhere out to 1/2 mile. The water clarity seems to be better then most years for early season. For
people who want to bring there houses to camp in we have plenty of camping for everyone. We are excited to get everything rolling and
seeing everyone as it is a super early year. 

The bar will be open for beer pop and bait, but kitchen will not open till following week. Jr and Staff

11-8-17  Well not only is the ice coming fast this year but here are the regulations for the winter... Very appetizing for the ones
planning to visit us this winter. 4 fish limit with 1 that can be over 17. Looks like good ole Mother Nature is going to jump on our
side for a bit with this weather and temps. let's hope they stick around, cause if they do we will be on the lake once again in
November.  Jr and Staff
Take Care!

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