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Jr's Corner Access:

If you enjoy Red Lake ice fishing, whether it's for Upper Red Lake's crappies or Red Lake walleyes, then it's time to contact Jr's Corner Access on Upper Red Lake. Jr's Red Lake ice house rentals, open only during the winter months, offers ice fishermen easy access onto Upper Red Lake. The winter resort is located on the southern shore of Red Lake. The combination of JR's Corner Access Red Lake fish house rentals provides ice anglers with a Red Lake MN ice fishing combination. One visit is all it takes to see why Jr's Corner Access has become the premier Red Lake ice fishing resort.

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Ice Fishing Report

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Red Lake Sleeper Ice Houses:

Contact JR 's Upper Red Lake ice house rentals to experience Red lake ice fishing at its finest. Known for it's clean, modern fish houses, JR runs one of the best fleets of aluminum ice house rentals on Red Lake. Moving his fish house rentals constantly, JR knows what it takes to keep his Red Lake ice houses on fish. Learn more about the mobility of these Upper Red Lake ice fishing rentals by clicking here!

We Welcome Wheelhouses:

Jr's Corner Access is the perfect option for those individuals who already own a ice fish house and are seeking some of the best ice fishing on Upper Red Lake. It's the same access JR uses with his Upper Red Lake ice house rentals and it's open to the public. Jr's Red Lake ice fishing resort has become know as one of the nicest winter accesses on Upper Red Lake, MN. Complete with hot showers, heated fish cleaning, and a cozy bar area; JR's Upper Red Access provides all the comforts that savvy ice anglers are looking for when planning extended stays on Upper Red Lake.

Ice Fishing Resort

Jr's Corner Access

Red Lake Ice Fishing Resort:

JR's Corner Access is located on the southeastern side of Red Lake. Clean, modern, and friendly are just some of the words that come to mind when describing JR's Red Lake ice house rental and resort. Built within the last five years, the location of JR's Red Lake ice fishing access is just one of the things that helps make this Red Lake ice house rental great. While most Red Lake fish house rentals are located on theeastern shore, JR's Red Lake Access is located on the southwestern shore. In fact, JR's Red Lake ice house rentals are the closest fish houses available to Lower Red Lake.  Why waste miles of driving to a Red Lake ice house resort on the east side of the lake, just to drive mile back across the ice? Give JR's Red Lake ice house rentals a call. See all the modern facilities that JR's Corner Access and Red Lake ice rentals have to offer by

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RedFest on Upper Red Lake:

Jr Corner's RedFest celebration is typically scheduled for the last weekend in January each year. The event has a long and storied tradition of fabulous games, prizes, and general all around fun. Many of the world's best "people in the know" have listed JR's RedFest event as one of the most important "must do" events for everyone's "bucket lists".

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Minnesota's Ice Fishing Destination:

Red lake ice fishing is unlike any other Minnesota ice fishing adventure you've experienced. Recent changes in fishing regulations and stocking procedures have created a fabulous Red Lake walleye and crappie fishery. Providing some of the most modern Red Lake ice houses, JR's Corner Access has truly become a Minnesota Ice fishing destination to remember. But even with all the amenities provided with JR's Red Lake ice houses, it's still nice to be able to take a hot shower after a few days on the ice. JR's Corner Access rents ice houses on Red Lake with this option.

Jr's Corner Access

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Red Lake Winter Fly In:

The Jr's Corner Access attracts pilots throughout the Midwest for his yearly fly in. Jr, an avid pilot himself, maintains a grass runway on his property as well as a secondary landing strip on the lake when weather conditions allow. Come enjoy the fellowship of other pilots, a great meal, and some of the best ice fishing on Red Lake. Please contact us before flying in.

Family Friendly Ice Fishing on Red Lake:

Jr Corner Access is a family friendly destimation. Give us a call and start making some meories your family will share for a lifetime. Make sure you book early. Times around the Winter Holidays tend to book up early.

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