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Welcome to JR's Corner Access on Upper Red Lake, Minnesota.

JR's Winter Access:
Located on the southeastern shore of Upper Red lake, JRs Corner Access has become the favorite destination for anyone serious about Red Lake ice fishing. Clean, friendly, and modern are just some of the words that come to mind when describing JRs Red Lake ice fishing resort.
 Built just within the last few years, the location of JR's Red Lake ice house access is just one of the things that makes his Red Lake ice fishing resort great. While most winter fish house accesses on Red Lake are located on the lake's eastern shores, JRs ice house rentals is amongst the few Red Lake ice fishing resorts that are located on the southwestern shore of Upper Red Lake. In fact, JRs Red Lake access is the closest Red Lake MN ice fishing resort to the Lower Red Lake Indian Reservation border.

For those not familiar with Red Lake ice fishing, the lake's watershed is divided into two distinct lakes.  Upper Red Lake is located to the northeast, while Lower Red Lake is found to the southwest. Only two-thirds of the Upper Red Lake allows ice fishing. The rest of Red Lake's waters are located entirely within the Red Lake Indian Reservation and therefore off limits to individuals that are not band members.

The topography of these two lakes is very different. While Upper Red Lake is basically a large shallow basin, Lower Red Lake contains huge sections of deep water. Since Red Lake crappies like to suspend over deep water during the winter months, the closer Red Lake ice anglers can get to the deep waters found in the southern lake, the better their chances of catching those legendary Red Lake crappies.

Why waste miles of driving to a access on the northeast corner of the lake, just to turn around and drive all those miles back on the ice? Give JRs Corner Access a call.


There's really
nothing quite like
a good hot, clean,
shower after a few
days of ice fishing
on Upper Red Lake.
JR's Corner Access
on Upper Red Lake
offers visiting anglers
a roomy, clean, warm, well lighted place to
clean their fish after
a great day of ice
fishing on Red Lake. 
This Winter access on Upper Red Lake knows the meaning of clean facilities and friendly service.

Red Lake Access on Upper Red Lake, Minnesota.

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