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We offer custom Red Lake plowing services for wheelhouse owners. Our service allows wheelhouse owners to fish in their own wheelhouses and stay on the fish. Learn more about our custom Red Lake plowing services below.

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The cost of plowing wheelhouse spurs on Red Lake depends on the current snow depth present on the lake. Greater snow depths require more effort, lesser depths require less. Please contact us for an estimate for our Red Lake wheelhouse plowing services. All estimates are based on current snow depths on Red Lake at the time the estimate was quoted. Actually costs may be higher in the event of major snowfalls or blizzards.

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Family Friendly Ice Fishing on Red Lake:

Family Friendly Ice Fishing:

JR's Red Lake ice house rental operation is located on the southwestern shore. Open only during the winter months, It is located the closest to some of the best ice fishing on Upper Red Lake, Minnesota.

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